Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Commenter Inquires: Are We Having Fun Yet?

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Anonymous said...
You havin fun jagoff? That could change.
(which responded to this) deserves a prominent response.

This probably isn't as much fun as, say, breaking your girlfriend's jaw, or mistakenly attacking and shooting an innocent bystander in a blind, booze-fueled rage (might want to get some help for that, by the way), or putting a vicious three-on-one pounding on some innocent honor student along Tioga Street, or falsifying sworn testimony to (attempt to) conceal abuse of power, or drinking on duty (overtime!) with an elected official, or looking the other way when the drug dealer owns the bar that is paying you for moonlighting shifts, or abusing shackled college girls in a police van after playing soldier on campus.

Observing and addressing the current condition of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and the Fraternal Order of Police isn't a particularly good time. (That may be part of the reason the Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review appear to be sitting this one out.)

But so long as Luke Ravenstahl isn't up to keeping his police bureau in bounds, and Steve Zappala isn't inclined to do his job, and the police union leadership demeans honorable and admirable officers by defending the few rotten apples among them to ridiculous degree, and local judicial authorities impersonate potted plants . . . so long as citizens are being victimized rather than protected by law enforcement personnel, attempting to illuminate an ugly situation seems worthwhile, at least until federal authorities get a chance to impose some adult supervision on the overmatched yokels in InsolvenCity's police department, mayor's office, minor judiciary and district attorney's office.

(Cue: City council?)

On second thought, maybe we are trying to find some levity in a sad situation. If you can't make fun of bullies, liars, cowards, blowhards and fools, what's the point?

Infinonytune: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker), Rolling Stones


Anonymous said...


(Adult supervision. Har dee har.)

WhoTheFuckRU said...

You should put your name behind what you have to say. It would be more impressive.

James said...

OK, unoriginal troll who demands others do what he does not, I must ask: How would Infiny posting their name(s) make the content of today's post any more or less impressive?

What matters is what is written, not by whom.

Infinonymous said...

We intend to worry about pseudonymity's disadvantages when we make half the impression Publius did.

Great song, great video. Worthy of Infinonyvision. Thanks.

James said...

Now for something actually related to the post: despite the police's posturing and dubious claims of identity theft, would not the fake press be considered as a parody of public figures and thus protected under the First Ammendment? I don't see Obama calling out the Secret Service every time SNL does a skit, some using his actual name (gasp!) and the Official Seal of the Presidency (the horror!).