Friday, January 7, 2011

Coach Kicks Junior High Basketballer Off Team For Hairstyle That Interferes With Ear Fetishes

Stacy Meyer, a junior high basketball coach and apparent ear fetishist in Indiana, tossed a student from the Greensburg Community Schools team for allowing hair to cover an eyebrow, ear and/or collar.

Coach Meyer had earlier exhibited his sense of fairness and embrace of American freedoms by telling the student, when warning that failure to submit to a haircut by a deadline would precipitate dismissal from the team, that a similar penalty would follow any attempt by the student's parents to protest the policy. The parents have sued the district.

School district officials are backing Coach Meyer, two years after those officials failed to discipline students whose "hijinks" (the superintendent's term) included slapping the faces of restrained classmates with their genitals. (Is it starting to sound like entrusting children to these Greensburg Community Schools employees is about as justifiable a parenting practice as sending a juvenile to a Catholic church?)

Deriving twisted pleasure from ogling pubescent boys' ears is ugly, but we won't say that someone who kicks a 14-year-old off a basketball team for concealing his ears is pond scum.

That would be unfair to congealed algae.


Father Ron said...

That dig at the Catholic Church was weak attempt at something--humor?--and unnecessary. You're better than that.

Infinonymous said...

Your comment addresses serious issues in a respectful manner and deserves consideration.

The Catholic Church has skated with respect to systematic facilitation and concealment of heinous crimes, in part because some people are unwilling to apply customary standards to hold the church to account. Parents should be wary of that record -- at least until it is clear the church has acknowledged and resolved the problems that include immoral self-preservation and "untouchable" wrongdoers.

This basketball coach's abuse of power -- and the degree to which other persons in authority acquiesce despite the problems it causes for children -- seems to evoke similar issues. People of good will and insight should stand up to this coach, win or lose; had more people been willing to do the same with respect to the church, less harm would have been inflicted on children.

Better than that? Infinonymous? We caution against ascribing too high a standard (or any importance) to Infinonymous; it's just a blog, inconsequential in a context such as that of the Catholic Church.

But thank you for reading and for the comment.