Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pittsburgh Police Unioners Swiftly, Decisively Rid Streets Of Murderers Internet Pranksters

That was quick!

A few days after the Pittsburgh police union vowed to reform the shamefully brutal and cowardly practices of its members that led to years of federal oversight by consent decree to bring to justice the pranksters who cleverly needled the local Fraternal Order Of Police for reflexive defense of all misconduct committed by a union member, officers proudly announced they had seized a computer at a video rental store.

The derisive might wonder how much time and taxpayer money was devoted to this case by officers who can not catch roughly half of a city's murderers, but that reaction is tempered by the recognition that every minute devoted to this pursuit was one minute less that officers could devote to beating the hell out of an innocent honor student, falsifying a sworn affidavit, shooting an innocent citizen with a service handgun while drunk, or dislodging a girlfriend's jaw.

Obvious management tip for Chief Harper: The next time a murder is committed in Pittsburgh, don't tell the investigating officers they're looking for a killer; tell them the perp posted a wisecrack about Dan O'Hara on the Intertubes.

Obvious question for InsolvenCity's leaders: How did Officer Paul Abel avoid a drunken driving conviction after being apprehended redhanded by his fellow Fraternal Order of Police members?

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