Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great News For Pitt From Alabama? (Oh, And The Panthers Whipped Kentucky In The Horri-Bowl, Too)

Reports circulating among high-level officials (and influential alumni) at the University of Pittsburgh (at Birmingham, Alabama, more geographically) indicate that Steve Pederson, the director of athletics whose most recent judgments have humiliated the University and wrecked its football program, is likely to be replaced. A source cautions that, although Pederson's departure seems likely, an additional formal "sign-off" from the University's highest authority would be required before the Pederson II era could be declared over.

We will know more, apparently, after Mark Nordenberg formally decides Pederson's fate reaches Jeff Romoff.

(Noted football experts Jerry Cochran, Donna Sanft and Mark Nordenberg, meanwhile, continue their attempts to revive the football program by interviewing prospective coaches.)

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