Monday, January 17, 2011

Toomey: My 'Fiscal Responsibility' Plan Includes At Least Six More Years Of Pricey Failure In Afghanistan

Sen. Patrick Toomey's ostensible commitment to smaller government and fiscal responsibility crumbles against Republican politics and conservative dogma with respect to Afghanistan: His hollow rhetoric confirms a disappointing appetite for at least fifteen years of costly failure.

Sen. Toomey (waving goodbye to campaign promises, right) will have other chances to vindicate his claims about devotion to limited government -- with respect to issues such as drug warriors, the Fourth Amendment, the military budget and regulation of abortion, for example -- but he has failed an early opportunity to walk his talk.

Infinonytune: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?, The Clash


Toomey WON! said...

typical lib....can't stand it the adults are back in charge,....can't understand a man like Toomey who stands up for national security & morality

James said...

I do not need Looney Toomey to stand up for my morality, thank you. I already have my own, I see no reason to have his forced upon me.