Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Reader's Comment Deserves Prominent Display

A reader today left a comment concerning a month-old post that chided the Corbett administration for claiming that its transition team (whose ideological mix spans the entire range from vanilla to French vanilla) features a "mix of ideologies." We don't want that reader to miss the response to that comment, buried a few pages back by now, so here is the comment:
Anonymous said...
I'd rather have true diversity of thought anyday that just engaging in the sordid mess of seeking to assemble people who look differently. Diverse minds should be the goal and is the best guarantor of intellectual honesty. According to your thinking, it must be awfully hard for you to comprehend how a homogenous group of colonial planters, lawyers and businessman ever devised the Declaration and The Constitution. Keep up the good work with your narrow-minded bean-counting. Cheers.

and here is the response:

Before eviscerating your contribution to the debate, we want to ensure that we properly understand your position (because the most reasonable interpretation of the words seems daft): Is your argument based on an assertion that Tom Corbett's transition team features "true diversity of thought?"

Before you respond, please be aware that you should, if you are a Republican or other conservative, possess the decency to begin any public statement with "I apologize for the damage my ideological colleagues inflicted on our nation and our world by invading the wrong country; by squandering our country's morality, prestige and resources in Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo and other locations; and by turning a government surplus into economy-crushing deficits through implementation of discredited economic policies for political reasons."

If you are unwilling to exhibit that level of decency and accountability, please stop reducing the mean intelligent quotient of InfiReaders.

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