Saturday, January 1, 2011

Unsolicited Advice Series: Pitt's Mark Nordenberg

1) Fire Michael Haywood. [UPDATE: Done, demonstrating an important distinction between the Steelers and Panthers.]

2) Fire Steve Pederson.

3) Hire Dave Wannstedt as football coach (with important adjustments to his role).

The InfiSports Desk has been directed to accelerate completion of its "why and how Pitt could have been a Top 10 team under Dave Wannstedt this season" analysis. If you desire that insight more promptly, Chancellor, simply request (by e-mail) either a private delivery or an expedited publication.

Infinonytune: Pitt Fight Song, (before Steve Pederson screwed it up)

UPDATE: The University has responded to the Infopinion by releasing a statement in which Chancellor Nordenberg expresses "full support" of Mr. Pederson. This prompts an InfiPoll:

Which Steve Pederson initiative is most responsible for Chancellor Nordenberg's "full" confidence in Pitt's athletic director?
1) Pederson's firing of Frank Solich
2) Pederson's hiring of Bill Callahan
3) Callahan's contract extension (< year before dismissal)
4) Nebraska's firing of Pederson
5) Pederson's failed attempt to banish the term "Pitt"
6) Pederson's hiring of Michael Haywood
7) Pederson's emphasis of Haywood's "character and integrity"
8) Pederson's transplantation of football games to Heinz Field
9) Pederson's apparent ignorance of Haywood's personal life
10) Wannstedt's contract extension (< year before dismissal)
11) Haywood's two-week term as Pitt football coach

UPPERDATE: A reader notes omission of Pederson's befouling of Pitt's logos (eliminating script, introducing that mutant sea otter) and colors.

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