Monday, January 31, 2011

Did Someone Move City Hall To Seven Springs?

The Post-Gazetteers are devoting Pulitzer-polishing diligence to reporting every missing innertube, any pilfered piece of ski equipment, each stolen snowboard, every hundred-dollar heist in Somerset County, yet appear to lack the resources needed to cover the whereabouts of a mayor who works one or two days a week (three, tops) -- ditching events such as the Inauguration of a governor from whom InsolvenCity proposes to obtain at least one bailout -- and for whom the closest thing to a permanent residence appears to be a City-issued sports utility vehicle.

If law enforcement manages to restore civilized order along the Seven Springs-Hidden Valley corridor, might the Post-Gazette begin to cover the City of Pittsburgh?

Or, with another storm approaching, perhaps the Gazetteers figure stationing a reporter near the Foggy Goggle (left) is the best way to cover the mayor and public safety director as they address another snow-related emergency.

Infinonytune: Man On The Silver Mountain, Rainbow

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