Friday, January 21, 2011

How Many FOP Members Does It Take To Bring In A Router (Which, We Assume, Is Unarmed)?

Members of InsolvenCity's Fraternal Order of Police can be remarkably thorough about their work -- they apparently sent seven officers to a video rental shop to apprehend two dangerous suspects (described by police as a hard drive and a router, both said by authorities to have been "plugged in" to a worldwide web of criminal intrigue).

(For those who might question the number of officers dispatched to this particular crime scene, there was no assurance the suspects would comply with a police command to "come out with your antennas up.")

Pittsburgh police have assured the public that their myopic chase of an Internet prankster will not compromise their pursuit of the hundreds of murderers, rapists and robbers they have failed to identify and/or apprehend.

Here is one case the robbery detectives could investigate. Again.

Infinonytune: Murder By Numbers, The Police


Anonymous said...

You havin fun jagoff? That could change.

MH said...

I knew a couple of guys who did a few days in jail for playing a joke on the police, but they were guilt of plain old theft. They stole the flashing lights from the patrol car. They got caught because it is impossible not to brag about stealing the lights from a cop car if you are the kind of person who thinks stealing the lights from a cop car is a good idea while still sober enough to use a wrench.

I suspect these guys aren't going to brag as openly and I'm hoping they don't get caught (or convicted if they do). I'm trying to guess the odds of an arrest. Pulling a WiFi router, one that I gather was public, and threatening people who ask questions suggests they don't know much. But, the city paper says they had a working voice mail on the phony phone number. Presumably the gmail account was also good and both were monitored for at least a while. That would, I think, make it harder to hide.

Infinonymous said...

Hide from what?

Until a credible lawyer (Regan and Campbell need not apply) opines that a legitimate criminal charge underlies all of this self-gratifying silliness, the largest exposure that appears to be associated with this episode involves malicious prosecution, official oppression, abuse of process and the like.

Chief Harper should call off his chihuahuas before they hurt themselves.

MH said...

You think they just stopped looking because it was in the paper? You need a lawyer to file charges, but it doesn't need to be a credible one.

Anonymous said...

Poor choice of words Infin.

Infinonymous said...

Which words? Chihuahuas?

Infinonymous said...

A response to the first comment is here.