Monday, January 31, 2011

Some Things We Think We Think, And Quickly

Infinonymous has been scooped a few times lately while pondering ponderously over presention, so here are a few quick hits:
• Look for the Office of Municipal Investigations report concerning the Jordan Miles beating to surface soon.

• Look for the OMI report to be incredible. Literally.

• Look for an effort to reinstitute federal oversight of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

• Look for that effort to have a strong chance to succeed.

• Look for Mark Nordenberg to resign as chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh this year.

• Look for Nordenberg to leave with his record inexplicably intact: Not a single word of support for the Pitt students (and soon-to-be disaffected Pitt alumni) brutalized during the G20 siege of Oakland.

• Look for Pittsburgh council member Bruce Kraus' push to detoxify the South Side Intoxication District to start producing tangible results.

• Look for InsolvenCity mayor Luke Ravenstahl to continue to (try to) obstruct Kraus' efforts.

• Look for Kraus to employ some Luke-proof methods.

• Look for Paul McKrell to pass (as Lauren Byrne, who might be even closer to the mayor than McKrell is, apparently already has) on a chance to challenge Patrick Dowd.

• Look for Luke Ravenstahl's attendance record to become a point for public debate.


Anonymous said...

I don't see Nordenberg resigning in the future.

Infinonymous said...

Do you see him resigning in the past?