Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guns Aren't Nuts (But They Make People Nuts)

The progress reported with respect to the most prominent victim of the one-minute massacre in Tucson is heartening, but we should not overlook today's funeral of a child who was murdered as she waited to meet her Congresswoman, hoping with nine-year-old wonder to learn more about how our system works (and, perhaps, to see how an altruistic woman can contribute to that system).

We also should not miss the point that Christina Taylor Green is a victim of extremism with respect to guns, a casualty of the assertion that her murderer was entitled to purchase 30-bullet clips with which to equip a handgun he could conceal in a barroom, carry into a school or use to shoot more than a dozen innocents in less than a minute. Adults owed Christina Green better, and they ought to know better with respect to the manner in which America currently addresses the issue of weaponry.

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