Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mubarak's Departure (By Death, If Necessary) Would Bring Justice To Egypt And End An American Mistake

The current friction in Egypt involves a 30-year dictator who has enriched himself (and his family and friends), at the cost of a reasonable opportunity for most Egyptians -- not including his son, being groomed for succession -- to build a decent life.

The United States has subsidized the selfish, brutal, inept, immoral and corrupt regime of Hosni Mubarak -- at a rate exceeding $3 million daily -- for many years. The United States has averted its eyes concerning the Mubarak government's use of torture, secret police, rigged elections, sham courts, and endless detention without trial in secret prisons. (Correction: American eyes weren't always averted concerning torture.)

Every American should be ashamed of this record, and grateful that the courageous Egyptians attempting to reclaim their country appear not to be venomous toward the United States, which funded and/or produced much of the weaponry currently being deployed against peaceful protesters in Egypt.

President Mubarak and his son, if they refuse to leave Egypt promptly, can not die fast enough. Kill the king, rail at all his servants.

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Anonymous said...

It's just silly to post something like this without even a single mention of Israel.

Infinonymous said...

Why? The issue seems to be justice and democracy for Egyptians, and Egyptians' courageous stand for those ideals.

Anonymous said...

How is Mubarak regarded in Israel? Answer: he is warmly regarded as a key peace partner.

Keep an ear on the anti-Mubarak rhetoric from the streets...he is being warmly encouraged to return to his "friends" in Israel.

Ben Netanyahu and many others in Israel have depended on Mubarak's repression for years. He is doing all he can to warn us about what is coming:

Justice is needed for of their most critical demands is for justice for Palestineans. How does your average protestor feel about The Settlements and Gaza? We probably both support justice for Palestineans, but it will constitute a sea change in that will be bitterly contested.

Just something to think about while you're calling for blood...