Friday, January 21, 2011

The Reassessment Watchdog That Hasn't Barked

The Post-Gazette reports that West Mifflin (the municipality and the school district) intends to appeal a decision by Allegheny County's Board of Property Assessments and Review that halved the assessment of Century III Mall.

The report does not indicate whether an appeal would be joined by Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, whose unconstitutional devotion to the "base year" system of ossified assessments has included sending county lawyers to defend homeowners in assessment hearings initiated by school districts (even when the homeowners did not request the county's help). The omission therefore seems odd, especially in light of Mr. Onorato's established record of rapid response to any threatened reassessment.

If Mr. Onorato does not appeal the Century III reassessment, the public will have cause to wonder whether "Democrat" Dan Onorato's reassessment rules include an exemption for properties worth at least $30 million, or contain an exception for property owners fortunate enough to be represented by attorneys who are Onorato appointees (page 6).

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