Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Drug Warriors Generate Additional Victims (Beyond Freedom, The Fourth Amendment, Morality, Privacy, And Our System Of Justice)

Christina Korbe reportedly will plead guilty today in federal court after shooting someone who had broken into her home under cover of darkness. Her improbably accurate shot killed the intruder.

The people primarily responsible for the death of FBI Special Agent Samuel Hicks -- including the architects of a system that sends drug warriors to batter down the front doors of sleeping citizens -- will, as is customary, evade accountability.

UPDATE: The Post-Gazette has published some understandably heartwrenching letters associated with the sentencing of Christina Korbe, none of which addresses an important point: No one should should abandon an honorable and productive profession, teaching, to become a narc.

Infinonytune: The Naked Eye, The Who (with Scot Halpin -- 19-year-old audience member invited to replace the unconscious Keith Moon -- on drums, Cow Palace, 1973)

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