Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yinzer Admission Test: Civics Section

4. When an InsolvenCity police union demands an FBI investigation concerning asserted criminal conduct, and the union president vows a "personal mission" to "bring down" those responsible for wrongdoing, the union representatives are referring to:
(a) the inexplicable, savage beating of an innocent, unarmed honor student by several men whose asserted justification relies entirely on a "perceived gun" (soda bottle) the assailants claim to have discarded;

(b) the unprecedented, misguided use of military tactics and weapons against innocent college students by swarms of rogue "security" agents;

(c) the discovery of a surveillance recording revealing that events recounted in sworn statements by government authors of affidavits underlying arrests and jailings never occurred;

(d) a clever but obvious Internet prank.

Please explain your answer.


Anonymous said...


Remember Jerry Falwell vs. Larry Flynt? Falwell sued Flynt for $40 million in damages over an ad in Hustler that poked real serious fun at Falwell?

The $40 million was dismissed because no reasonable person could logically believe that Falwell would have sex with his mother, or farm animals, etc.

Same with this thing. Could any Pittsburgher HONESTLY believe that the FOP would make such a statement? The Cometeer was just caught up in a wave of wishful thinking.


Infinonymous said...

The prank was clever but inconsequential. The FOP's severe and persistent lack of judgment, however, creates substantial problems.

MH said...

The prank is clever, but maybe not inconsequential. Forcing the FOP to announce their support for beatings in such a fervent way really heightens the contradictions, as the kids say. Stir the ashes if you want to boost the fire.

Anonymous said...

is the union forced by law or something to defend every officer regardless of slimeballness, or what?