Saturday, October 30, 2010

Infindorsement: Governor Of Pennsylvania

The march of the manacled midgets will, mercifully, conclude on Tuesday. One candidate will deservedly fail, the other will undeservedly become governor. Either way, Pennsylvania will be governed by a man of low achievements and flawed character.

The ample and telling flaws of each candidate -- Democrat Dan Onorato and Republican Tom Corbett -- have been chronicled to a degree that should lead a sensible voter to wonder (1) how in hell these two candidates were nominated, (2) how anyone could justify a vote for either candidate, and (3) whether four years can pass quickly enough.

Rather than waste time attempting to gauge immoral assessment policies against shamefully partisan prosecutions, or misguided policy choices against blatant and bullying hypocrisy, or obnoxious associations against obnoxious associations, voters should ignore these two losers and focus on the tasks at hand for all sensible Pennsylvanians: Securing the shutters as Pennsylvania attempts to survive four years of gubernatorial failings, and ensuring that 2010's winner is a one-term governor.

Not one of these men is worth the energy required to touch a screen.

Infindorsement: Reload in 2014.

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Rex said...


Are you suggesting we write-in, "Abolish this Commonwealth?"


James said...

I am wondering if Onorato is even going to carry Allegheny County.

Maria said...

While I won't be touching the screen for Dan Onorato with anything like the enthusiasm that I will be for Joe Sestak; Tom Corbett is a corrupt, corporate lackey who used his AG office politically while Onorato is merely distasteful. No contest.

MH said...

Getting a jury to convict Veon did more to bolster my faith in democracy that anything that has happened locally in years. He may have used his office politically, but he did use it where needed.

Infinonymous said...

Mike Veon was a low-grade pupil to the master, John Perzel. Yet Veon is in prison, while Perzel walks free. That is but one example -- although a vivid one -- of partisan prosecuting.

What would cause this result to be acceptable, let alone "needed?"

MH said...

Perzel is under investigation and I can see why it would take longer. Philly corruption is to SW PA corruption as the Phillies are to the Pirates.

Infinonymous said...

Why would a prosecution of Veon be quicker than a prosecution of Perzel (other than for partisan reasons)? Perzel had a huge head start on the underlying conduct.

Why did Corbett chase Sean Ramaley -- who was acquitted? Why did he pass on prosecuting Jane Orie?

The Casablanca blog has buried Corbett on ethics for months.

Corbett manipulated prosecutions for political gain. That is the work of a small, small man.

MH said...

Perzel lost, which is at least cheering.