Friday, October 15, 2010

Orie Campaign Takes Voters To The Movies

Jane Orie's most recent campaign flyer, delivered to voters this week, is by far her best yet, resembling a great movie poster.
The title: Jane Orie For State Senate

The producer: Senate Republican Campaign Committee

The taglines: "Jane Orie Wants Answers: The Political Insiders Want Her Out" and "Jane Orie Is Taking On The 'Good Old Boys' Network: Now They Want Her Out"

The heroine: Jane Orie, "fighting to end 'cozy' deals given to political insiders"

The villains: Steve Zappala, the Connected D.A.; Charles Zappala, the List-Maker; Greg Zappala, the Money-Maker; and other "members of a . . . network"

Guest star: Cyril Wecht, M.D., J.D., Dem.: "Steve Zappala . . . said that anybody who screws with me or my family is going to be indicted"

Story by: Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Memorable scenes:
  • "If you paid taxes in Allegheny County in the last 20 years, a sliver of the bill went to members of an informal network . . .

  • "$32 million in payments were documented to network-related businesses from 2005-2009"

  • "Greg Zappala, the District Attorney's brother, financially benefitted from county bond deals in 1996 and 1999"

  • "J.P. Morgan made a large sum of money in a bond deal in the Onorato Administration. Greg Zappala worked at J.P. Morgan at the time"
Quote from star: It's always the Zappalas!

Infinonytune: Janey Don't You Lose Heart, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band


Bram Reichbaum said...

Watch for sudden contributions from list makers to Dan DeMarco (D-Orieland), right?

Anonymous said...

whoever picks your songs is amazing

Infinonymous said...

The compliment is appreciated, and will be forwarded to the Infinonytunes selection department, but many of the songs are so obvious they pick themselves.

MH said...

Unlike noses.