Sunday, October 17, 2010

Number Seven Jerseys Are Still In Style -- And, No Doubt, Still Being Sold By (And To) Dicks!

A 20-person group marched to and assembled near Heinz Field today to mark Ben Roethlisberg's return to professional footballing by protesting his conduct, drawing insults and jeers from a number of Steelers fans who not only like the Steelers' quarterback but indeed to continue to wear his jersey.

This prompted some initial bewilderment -- what type of adult would wear a number seven jersey yesterday these days? -- but wonder soon gave way to way to recognition as the reasons to stick with Big Ben apparel emerged. There are at least seven:

1) Who wouldn't like to walk on tabs and get away with it?

2) Somebody needs to teach college girls not to get so drunk!

3) Big Ben -- spokesman for Dicks everywhere!

4) A guy with a private police force is cool.

5) Big Ben played for Jesus --ostentatiously -- as a rookie.

6) Where is it written you must tip a waitress?

7) Big Ben -- back on Jesus' team!

So . . . wear 'em proudly, Roethlisberger fans!


Anonymous said...


Even as a Steeler fan who kind of has to concede the moral relativism of being glad Ben is back under center, I refuse to knock you for the continued low regard in which you hold Ben.

But, what, in the name of all that is left of what is good in the world, made you feel right about the photo selection here?

What about the children?


Infinonymous said...

Good point. The photograph has been removed.

Anonymous said...

what type of adult would wear a number seven jersey these days?

Excellent question, but then again what is the point of a "DTF" name tag?

Infinonymous said...

Unless you believe such a name tag immunizes rapists -- as some people believe with respect to tank tops, short shorts and tight jeans -- please explain your point about the name tag.

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear. Rape is unacceptable. Those that are guilty of rape should have their balls cut off.

I just don't understand why someone would wear a DTF name tag.

Infinonymous said...

Reasons could include:

1. It was handed to her by a sorority sister.
2. Others in here group were wearing similarly silly tags.
3. She is young and exhibited the poor judgment often associated with youth.
4. She has low self-esteem.
5. She was intoxicated.
6. Kids today, etc. etc. etc.

On that night, at least, she was stupid. But she did not deserve to be led into a spider's web by a police officer moonlighting as a bodyguard/procurer, then treated in that restroom in the manner later described to genuine police officers.