Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Official: Jane Orie Has Become A True-Blue Democrat For Halloween This Year

Remember that person, back in school, who misperceived an inadvertent return of a glance as a signal of interest, then couldn't be shaken from the dream?

For northern tier Democrats with mailboxes, Sen. Jane Orie has become that person, moving from awkward "accidental" encounters to strained proximity to full-throttle, pathetic stalking.

Another glossy campaign advertisement touting a true-blue Sen. Orie has arrived at homes of Democratic registrants, this one saluting the senator for "fighting to clean-up the Gambling industry," which is a strange way to describe getting indicted (even before considering the grammar and capitalization elements of standard English).

As has become customary, a Democratic representative who does not support Sen. Orie(Bill Kortz this time) is quoted. The backgrounds are blue. The word "Republican" appears solely in six-point type and solely as required by law "Paid for by the Senate Republican Campaign Committee."

The tagline is "Jane Orie: Fighting For Us." Which doesn't ring true, because for these advertisements' audience, Jane Orie (and what she fights for as a Republican leader in the state senate) is Them, not Us.

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