Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Boy Mayor Who Cried Wolf Is Exposed

This is what Mayor Ravenstahl has been shrieking about as the end of the world?

This is the ethical landscape at the intersection of Pittsburgh and the parking pirates -- an "advisor" charging the rubes on Grant Street to vouch for that advisor's business partner -- even before the public discovers where the List-Makers fit in? (The prospective privateer calls the List-Makers' cut "community relations and involvement.")

Pittsburgh City Council members have found one more reason to ditch the Great InsolvenCity Parking Garage Sale: Merely by avoiding a sale, they would save the city $8-$10 million in privateering fees.

Councilors also have encountered one more point regarding which they require independent legal advice: the conflicts of interest associated with the relationships among the privateers, the city's advisors, the mayor's office, the city law department, and the mayor's playmates.


Anonymous said...

From what I have witnessed, JP Morgan and ethics are polar opposites.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

But, but, but.. If the lease deal fails, then how is the City (Ravenstahl AND Council members) going to find another $80-$120M slush fund any time soon? You KNOW they're frothing big time at the pet projects/favors that can be funded with that much money. They're politicians.. they're Democrats, for God's sake! They can't help themselves.