Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Reading: Month Of Sundays Edition

If the United States government would simply tell the truth about its failures and crimes in Iraq, it would not be necessary for Wikileaks (and brave affiliated journalists) to obtain and publish that information. In any event, decent Americans possesses a duty to absorb the information concerning what was done in their name, on their dime, by their government.

Reprehensible mercenaries. Secret torture. U.S. Government lies. Systematic rape. Detention of innocents. Abuse of shackled prisoners. Official disregard of war crimes.

Despite goverment lies and warmongers' delusions, Americans need to know that their invasion of Iraq killed far more civilians than combatants (and that most of the Iraqis labeled "combatants" had no quarrel with the United States until taking up arms because they understandably chafed against an unjustified invasion and botched occupation of their country).

It will take a long time to scrub the blood from American hands, especially those of Americans whose consciences bear the shameful weight of knowing they voted for George W. Bush in 2004.

This Sunday Reading involves a month of Sundays: The War Logs.

Infinonytune: Devils And Dust, Bruce Springsteen

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