Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Vividly Unprincipled Life Of Diana Irey

Washington County Commissioner (and Tea Party leader) Diana Irey has loudly talked the conservative line -- free-market economics, small government, fiscal discipline -- when promoting Republican candidates, including herself.

At the most recent meeting of commissioners, the Tribute-Review reports, Commissioner Irey "said she is philosophically opposed to government subsidizing businesses" . . . moments before she provided the deciding vote to pledge millions of local taxpayer dollars to arrange a $20 million federal loan to a privately held business whose founder and CEO is her former colleague as a Republican commissioner, ostentatiously wealthy social climber Joe Hardy.

It appears government assistance isn't socialism, in the world of newly minted socialists Diana Irey and Joe Hardy, if the recipients are centimillionaires. But it is vivid hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...


"Corporate Welfare" is just good business, or at least, that's what they tell us when it isn't about protecting families from starving or being sick, then it's an evil of the worst kind to be avoided at all costs!!!!!

Infinonymous said...

Interaction with Ms. Irey suggests a defense to the charge of hypocrisy: She may not be smart enough to recognize the inconsistency.