Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Reading: Mission Accomplished Edition

Iraq: Mission Accomplished, Episode 43(a).

Afghanistan: Mission Accomplished, Episode 43(b).

Homeland Security: Mission Accomplished, Episode 43(c).

The Kevin Quigley Public-Private Partnership Driveway: Mission Accomplished -- 'What, you got a problem with that?'

Mathematical Economics: The missing middle class.

The Upper Crust: The "income defense industry."

Infinonytune: Shady Lane, Pavement


Anonymous said...

"Shady Lane" by "Pavement"??

Actually looked it up to make sure it was real song.
Best ever,'ll never top it.

By the way you were in my Post Gazette today.

MH said...

That's some nice looking asphalt. Excuse me, I have to go see if I can get the mailman to make a complaint.