Saturday, October 2, 2010

Orie Campaign: The Indicted Candidate's Blues

It's easy to feel sorry for Jane Orie, political target of the Zappala family, especially if one ignores Sen. Orie's conduct.

Indictments being somewhat injurious to political campaigns, it is somewhat understandable that the Orie campaign would grab a spatula and put some new makeup on its candidate. But, believe it or not, this Orie makeover has traveled a concealer too far. (For the guys: Concealer is the layer that addresses wrinkles, blemishes acne scars and -- depending on how much is used -- craters up to a quarter-inch in depth).

One recent mailer, designed for the Democratic registration mailing list, omits mention of Sen. Orie's service as Republican Whip membership in the Republican Party, but prominently features a relatively positive quote from Democratic State Sen. Jay Costa. ("Relatively positive" in this carefully confected context, at least; 'she's a hard worker' could also apply to someone who put in for overtime shifts at a concentration camp.) Costa has endorsed Sen. Orie's opponent, Democrat Dan DeMarco.

Another mailer designed for the non-Republican audience, which reached mailboxes yesterday, involves a more complete makeover: One side depicts Sen. Orie (right, in a more natural wardrobe) in a bright blue suit, walking with senior citizens dressed in blue and red. The other has two shots of Sen. Orie in blue clothing, with a nondescript "fighting for us" message against a blue background, top and bottom. (The only red molecules on the entire side: the candidate's lipstick.)

Looking at these mailers, one might conclude that a new candidate -- not the dogmatic conservative with a 15-year red-meat record in Harrisburg -- is running as the Republican in the 40th District. But most readers familiar with Jane Orie are unlikely to be fooled -- her Republican handlers apparently couldn't get their candidate to change the hair.

Infinonytune: (Everyday) I Have The Blues, Eric Clapton
Infinonytune: How Blue Can You Get?, B.B. King


MH said...

She may have a point in keeping her do. The Republicans have been having trouble keeping hair dressers lately.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see a copy of the first mailer to this blog post:

deegazette said...

I like the hair up. It makes politics look like serious business.