Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Yinzer Admission Test: Parking Section

1. Council's issuance of an extraordinary subpoena (directing InsolvenCity's executive branch to discharge its high-octane, fingerprint-free delivery boy and provide raw pension data directly to state officials) means
(a) a veto-proof majority of councilors has expanded its legal and financial advice horizons
(b) the entities that bet millions on the List-Makers' ability to deliver the mayor -- and the deal, and the fees -- are painstakingly reevaluating their positions
(c) at least a dozen lawyers, in at least three cities, are currently devising a plan to avoid compliance with that subpoena (estimated aggregate rate: $108/minute)
(d) today was the final day the city law department could offer to provide legal advice concerning the Great InsolvenCity Parking Garage Sale to council members without risking a call to bar disciplinary authorities
(e) city taxpayers likely will soon learn whether the Ravenstahl administration placed them (and/or pension beneficiaries) on the hook for privateer fees payable even without a completed transaction
(f) unsmiling men in Chicago and New York are considering which horrible accidents could befall the touts who claimed to be able to deliver the deal
(g) all of the above

Extra credit for discussion of your answer.


MH said...

I pick A, C, and E.

Anonymous said...

what about that deadline for the Law Department stuff? What are you alluding to?

Infinonymous said...

For starters: Can a lawyer advise the issuer of a subpoena while working to quash that subpoena on behalf of the recipient?

Anonymous said...

The best answers are B and F. The CHicago gang was promised by the List Makers that the votes would be there for this deal. They invested lots of time and money into their proposal. Now they are on the brink of having nothing to sow for it. The Chicagoans were not prepared for the level of greed and incompetence they found in Pittsburgh.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Can council subpoena somebody to hand over information to a 3rd party, an out-of-city party? Council may subpoena the mayor to attend a council meeting, can they similarly make him go to Harrisburg or to Botswana? Maybe that's a ripe technicality.

Not that trying to worm out of it wouldn't be a PR disaster.

Lavelle surprises again, eh? Is anyone on the mayor's side even pretending to whip votes?

Anonymous said...

Whip votes lol. They never get anything right except they can get a press release out. That is John Verbanec's job so I guess they at least have that part down. As for execution, they have left many of thier "friends" holding their putz in their hand after the Lukester made the dealto deliver. Lamar, UPMC among others and now LAZ Parking joins the crowd. Hey guys, this is no Mayor Daley who might be able to deliver a deal. It's Ravenstahl, nuff said ok?