Monday, October 25, 2010

Jamie Dixon Shows How To Make An Assist

Pitt basketball coach Jamie Dixon was a star in an unscripted role Saturday night.

How many wealthy, busy people driving anonymously along the Parkway North would stop to assist the occupants of an overturned, smoking vehicle, then pry back the windshield to enable an injured, trapped passenger to escape? That's difficult to predict, but it is now easy to know that Jamie Dixon (left) is among them.

When reporters understandably fixated on the celebrity angle of this event, Dixon attempted to direct attention toward other motorists who stopped to help, and toward emergency personnel who freed a second victim.

Is it too late to get Jamie Dixon on the ballot for governor, or too early to conduct a referendum on whether Dixon should become mayor of Pittsburgh, effective immediately?

Stop! In The Name Of Love, The Supremes

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