Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Reading: Network List-Makers Edition

Today's Post-Gazette brings the first installment of what could be a 50-part series on The List-Makers (whom the P-G calls "The Network," although any Inficlaim to trademark or copyright concerning "The List-Makers" would have been relinquished to the P-G by license for the asking).

Rich Lord's article (which is accompanied by excellent, but incomplete, art, plus a bibliography) is this Sunday's reading. Discussion will begin after everyone has had a chance to complete the reading.

The List-Makers have compiled a List (a small-town version of Nixon's Enemies List). An in-progress listing is available at the far right column; each name features a hyperlink to additional information. Rich Lord's was one of the first two names inscribed, following only that of List-provoker Michael Lamb.

(Revelation of The Listed -- which had been suspended as an unsolicited courtesy to examiners of List-Maker activities -- will resume shortly, consequent to the public confirmation that Charles Zappala's "rising star" Dan Onorato (left, with aide) is, indeed, a List-Maker.)

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