Monday, September 13, 2010

Laying Down The Law For The P-G Newsroom

The plan was to note a recent and curious mind-boggling hire for the Post-Gazette newsroom today, but Rich Lord's densely packed deconstruction of the List-Makers suggests another day would be more fitting.

A lesser note along that fugue, however, involves the fine contribution of Christine Spolar to the P-G's Sunday op-ed page. Ms. Spolar's background (former Baghdad correspondent for the Chicago Tribune) is noted, but something is missing. Spolar . . . Spolar . . . that name seems familiar . . .

One might have expected recent events to reemphasize for Post-Gazetteers the importance of disclosing associations relevant to editorial work. Not all baggage is a problem, but all backage should be checked. That ought to be the law in a newsroom, right?

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