Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Led Around By Nose Seems To Have Made The Mayor Of InsolvenCity A Mite Sore

The boy mayor (far right) appears exceptionally sensitive about inquiries concerning the events and relationships underlying Rich Lord's report in today's Post-Gazette.

Getting led around by the nostrils long enough, apparently, can make one extremely sore.

A few questions prompted by today's installment (and a couple of sidebars):
  • Who is Jeffrey Thomas, and will we be reading more about him (and his playmates)?

  • After today's trip to the Lehigh Valley, could the next leg lead to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre?

  • Was the Allegheny County Democratic Committee's recent removal of Edward Grattan's name (as finance director) from its website related to the Post-Gazette's inquiries?

  • Was Grattan's name removed because he is no longer coordinating fundraising for county Democrats, or merely as window-dressing?

  • Is Jack Cambest (currently listed as Democratic Party solicitor, and also currently starring in several of the Post-Gazette's investigative reports) next to be depixelated?

  • How much longer will 225 Ross Street seem like a good place for Democratic Committee headquarters?

  • Who is Scott Balice Strategies, and will Rich Lord be mentioning it (and The Great InsolvenCity Parking Garage Sale) before his work is done?

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Anonymous said...

Infy - There are two ways to proceed: (i) ask questions about the businessmen who walk close to the legality line (and perhaps cross it) in pursuing their business interests to make money, or (ii) ask questions of the "elected" officials like Luke Ravenstahl who swore to do what's right, yet benefit from thousands of dollars from the network's support, cater to their needs, fire people when ordered to do so, and turn over the keys to government. I favor the latter approach. The former is only productive in my mind to the extent it helps us purge these spineless officials from office, who couldn't hold a real job in the private world. Except, maybe, for DHL Express.