Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Well-Positioned Life Of Joanna Doven

As commenter Jim Lange (of Dating Game fame) has observed, it is especially strange that mayoral mouthpiece Joanna Doven is so strikingly ignorant about InsolvenCity's unacceptable South Side situation -- and in particular about Council Member Bruce Kraus' energetic work toward solutions -- because Ms. Doven's unique vantage point regularly places information about Public Safety issues at her . . . fingertips.

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PK said...

And thanks to Mr. Lange's inspiration we have a winner!

The part of Governor LePetomaine will be played by Luke Ravenstahl; the role of Heddy (that's Hedley) Lamar will be played by Yarone Zober; while the character of the Lovely Miss Stein will be played by Joanna Doven.

Let's all go to the lobby, let's all got to the lobby...

Anonymous said...

She dates Mike Huss, anything she says goes completely out of the window.

Bram Reichbaum said...

I'm sorry, why are we talking about this?

There's more than enough to the Carson St. story that's not only important, but titilating and all that good stuff. Mr. Shields opened the door when he implied that Mr. Ravenstahl may well identify better with the db's causing the problems than the good residents and business owners working toward solutions. Mr. Kraus added much already back when he objected to Mr. Regan's connection to the S Bar and its confrontation with the city. Put all that together, maybe dig a little and boom, ya got cake. Moist, relevant cake.

No disrespect intended toward Mr. Lange or our gracious host, but I don't see what this is supposed to establish or accomplish.

MH said...

I second Bram.

Infinonymous said...


When she said Kraus had never
offered solutions, suggestions or a white paper, she either (1) lied or (2) demonstrated that she is clueless to the point of incompetence. Kraus not only has striven to advance suggestions and solutions (at a conference the mayor's office attended, if memory serves), but indeed provided an actual white paper.

Door No. 1 or Door No. 2? Seems a matter of public interest, does it not?

The same two choices govern her soft-pedaling of the severe problems generated by the irresponsible conduct of her bosses' pals.

The clueless explanation loses steam, however, when one recognizes that she is dating the public safety director.

Which suggests she is, on top of being laughably inexperienced and painfully awkward, a liar. A purveyor of falsehoods. Confronted with circumstances she prefers not to acknowledge, and too stupid or ignorant to finesse artfully, she flat-out lies. With a mean streak.

City administration's main spokesperson is a liar. Sounds like news.

Plus, a disclaimer is in order any time she issues a statement about public safety issues or on behalf of the public safety director.

Plus, the "professionals don't date people they represent professionally" thing.

Sounds newsworthy, although it has appeared every publisher or broadcaster in town doesn't think so. One might ordinarily find reason for caution from that collective judgment, but these are the same media decision-makers who refrained from reporting well-known marital problems -- despite knowing that carefully staged "family" appearances were a sham -- until after an election.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Who do you think Karl Rove had to have been schtupping, Paul Wolfowitz?

Sure, it sounds like she crossed the bright line from spinning to lying or speaking wildly out of turn. Sure, that's newsworthy; never meant to imply it isn't. I just don't see how THIS is. (It also smells faintly of misogyny and/or desperation, neither of which are known to generate much interest.)

Anonymous said...

Bram is also the guy who cheers so loudly for Rev Burgess when he has shown an intolerance to gays & lesbians in the city.

Anonymous said...

Love ya Bram, but in this case, I gotta say, Git Off Yer High Horse! If inept mayoral spokeswoman dating Public Safety Director isn't appropriate for a city government watchdog blog, then I don't know what is. I mean, wasn't there some general interest a while back in another city official coupling, Sirk and Ford, I think they went by? I seem to remember you being involved in that matter some how ...

BTW, Doug continues to improve with age. Too bad he's leaving council for a stab at DJ. Hope his replacement shows the same willingness to challenge Luke.

Infinonymous said...

(1) There appear to be reasonable points on both sides of this divide.

(2) Doven seems to have been following Sirk's path for some time, although Sirk seemed more competent and well-intentioned.

Anonymous said...

It stands to reason that in a mayoral administration that seems to think that women are good for exactly one thing, that one of the few women who work in that administration would be doing that “one thing” with a member of the administration.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The "White Paper" was not written by Kraus. That homework was done by someone else. I'd be impressed if it had been a ghost writer even.

They always look for others to do the heavy lifting (and in this case not so heavy) for them, homework included.