Thursday, September 9, 2010

Roddy's Soap Opera Script: As The Dice Tumble

Dennis Roddy's mastery of understatement is paraded at the Post-Gazette front page today, leaving enought breadcrumbs to intrigue political junkies for months, yet spelling out enough to identify several questions to be answered as events unfold over a course of months.

Among those questions to be answered is one that might appear, to the untrained eye, to have been answered already: Has the vacancy in the office of the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania been filled yet?

Other questions Roddy deftly raises:

  • Why would big Pennsylvania casinos a former Supreme Court Chief Justice the district attorney's dad wish to sue small Pennsylvania casinos?

  • How many Zappalas did the funders of the Pennsylvania Casino Association hire?

  • Did the district attorney disqualify himself from more than one prosecution by labeling people targeted by then-current investigations (targets with whose family his extended -- and complicatedly so -- family is engaged in a long-running political feud) as "evil" and mean" ?

  • Are there any other ties -- other than money -- that associate the Zappala family with the Pennsylvania Casino Association industry?

  • What the heck does "whatever the heck that is" mean?

UPDATE (8:30 a.m.): For the moment, change the first sentence's "is" to "was." Mr. Roddy's article appears to have departed the P-G website. (It might not have vanished completely, however.)

Orie-Zappala go-between has central role in probes
Thursday, September 09, 2010
By Dennis B. Roddy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

UPPERDATE: The report is back at the P-G website.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Infinonymous has the anatomy to reference the "Family". Just wondering who will play them in the Scorsese movie

Anonymous said...

Who do you think made the call over to the PG?