Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Puzzler From The Haberdasher's Department For Post-Gazetteers In The Executive Suite

A petulant politician pitted against a probing publication, with a sketchy public assets transaction and a close-to-home investigative series in the background.

Anyone wondering how Frederick Frank might come down on that one?

Infinonytune: Sharp Dressed Man, Rick K. & the Allnighters

Infiquery: Can anyone confirm whether the drummer is Rich Fitzgerald?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, but I'm not sure the people you are needling read this blog.

The other people I think you have in mind probably will read this but it will go straight over their heads.

A for effort though. Some of us enjoyed it.

Also Anonymous said...

This might have blown your chance at Cutting Edge this week.

Vannevar said...

I don't get the Frederick Frank reference.

Infinonymous said...

Some people wear many hats.

For example, some people provide legal opinions (as solicitors to pension funds) that neatly pave the way toward the requesters' planned transactions in public assets.

Other people are long-time associates of doddering celebrities trotted out to endorse those transactions.

Still others represent newspapers whose editorial boards push the same transactions.

Anyone along the Boulevard inclined to connect any dots?

More pointedly: Did the powers that be not know what they were getting into, or did they instead think no one would notice?