Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shields About To Do Constituents A Disservice

It is becoming increasingly disappointing that Doug Shields is pointing toward leaving InsolvenCity Council to spend a couple of years on the witness stand, testifying against The List-Makers and their puppets chase a magistrate's position. He seems to be coming into his own as a member of council.


MH said...

If he's going to try to go out of the public eye, why the fancy new glasses?

If he does quit, you've got plenty of time to get ready to run yourself. You may have to move, but it's a very nice district. Not as flashy as parts of Peduto's or Kraus's, but fewer problems. Vocally opposing the mayor may get you 40% of the vote and you'd just need a personality or a work ethnic or something to get the last 10%.

Anonymous said...


Don't do it. Don't leave City Council. We need you here!

Anonymous said...

I love Doug on Council, and would love to have him stay but I detect that he's burning out from the fight (5-4) and also has made remarks about the low pay. We have good people like Bill, Bruce, Rudiak and sometimes Harris. The politics of Lukie can get tedious after awhile if your not in his pocket like Rev. Rickey and the rest of the petty small thinkers!