Wednesday, September 29, 2010

City Solicitors Deserve Taste Of Own Medicine

One might have expected InsolvenCity's in-house lawyers -- and in particular relatively new solicitor Daniel Regan (left) -- to be among the attorneys least likely to invite scrutiny of conflict-of-interest and liability-for-bad-advice issues, but that expectation would have been based on the assumption that Mr. Regan and his colleagues are capable of translating the self-preservation instinct into effective action.

The league in which a city solicitor operates differs substantially from the world in which someone can, say, submit a sketchy liquor license application and, if anyone starts asking questions, simply withdraw the documents without further inquiry or penalty. City councilors -- who occupy a position from which they could teach that lesson -- should consider these points when dealing with InsolvenCity's law department, regardless of whether a city lawyer (a) claims to be offering legal advice to council or (b) acknowledges advocacy for the mayor's interests rather than those of the city.

Infinonytune: Eve Of Destruction, Barry McGuire


Anonymous said...

great song selection

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excellent post.

Infy Fan said...

the song, that picture, the story...great work as usual Infy

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it appears that the city law department has devolved into a bunch of political hacks. This is truly sad, as the city once had a highly accomplished and highly respected group of attorneys.

Anonymous said...

what does the link to a lawyer representing a bar have to do with anything?

not saying there isn't one, but what it is?

Anonymous said...

The current city solicitor, Dan Regan worked at Caputo & Caputo, representing nuisance bars before he became city solicitor.

His scant legal experience consists mainly of helping nuisance bars obtain and keep liquor licenses and prosecuting summary offenses at the District Attorney's Office.

I guess that qualifies him to be the city's top lawyer.

The City Charter only requires

Infinonymous said...

The Caputo firm does not exclusively represent nuisance bars. Many of its clients seem to be law-abiding citizens (well, South Side excluded, but that's not unique to that firm's clients).

Solicitor Regan's work at Caputo did not exclusively consist of liquor license work; he appeared to be the lawyer who handled a lot of the firm's non-liquor license matters.

Plus, his North Side political lineage (Bernard "Baldy" Regan") seemed at least as important to his candidacy for city solicitor as his firm, legal mentors or professional accomplishments were.

So far, Regan seems no more past his depth than the other principal members of the Ravenstahl -- in other words, he's in roughly 2 or 3 feet over his head. The cost to the city -- Jordan Miles, G20, the 'this ain't no taxi service' manslaughter, etc. -- will likely be measured in millions, maybe tens of millions, of dollars.