Sunday, May 16, 2010

Infindorsement: State Legislative District 20

This district (Pittsburgh's North Side and nearest northern neighbors) contributes two elections to the May ballot: A special election (in which undeserving Democrat Adam Ravenstahl and hapless Republican Alex Dubart compete to complete the term vacated when Don Walko overcome a lack of qualification to become a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas) and a primary election (in which three seemingly fungible B+ candidates seek to overcome Ravenstahl's name and money for the Democratic nomination for the November ballot).

Each of Ravenstahl's three challengers seems civic-minded. Dan Keller was picked to be an Alcosan director and has the Post-Gazette's endorsement, but that doesn't necessarily mean he would be a lousy legislator; he also has a record of community service and a business background. Tim Tuinstra, with a resume combining community service and work as a state auditor, focuses on education and has Agent Ska's support. Mark Purcell labels himself "The People's Friend," blending a record of community service with five years as chief of staff to Rep. Bill Kortz.

Adam Ravenstahl has a huge pile of cynical cash (anyone else want to wire Art Rooney II, Todd Reidbord, Jim Scalo and Dave Malone to a car battery and a lie detector and start asking what about Adam Ravenstahl most impresses them?) and the finest Democratic endorsement money could buy.

Sometimes, a fractured field enables a worthy candidate to win. Other times, it ensures the election of an undeserving pol. In District 20's primary, it is up to the Democratic voters to select the best candidate and provide enough votes to deny Adam Ravenstahl's misanthropic bankers their reward.

In the special election, the Infindorsement published a couple of months ago stands.

Infindorsement (primary): Anyone not named Ravenstahl.

Infindorsement (special election): Write in "Abolish This District."

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little_minx said...

Ever heard of Sister Boom Boom of the Church of Perpetual Indulgence? S/he would run for office in San Francisco (for all I know, still does) under the name "Nun of the Above."