Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Infindorsement: State Legislative District 20 (Special Election For Unexpired Walko Term)

The Post-Gazette reports that Republicans have located a candidate who not only will oppose Adam Ravenstahl but indeed equal him as a candidate to complete the unexpired term of Don Walko (who left a position for which he was qualified, state representative, to take a position for which he was not qualified, county judge).

It should have been difficult to match endorsed and unqualified Democrat Adam Ravenstahl, but the Allegheny County Republican Committee proved itself a match for that task by selecting Alex Dubart (left), a Reserve Township resident who bills herself as a Citizen Patriot Republican. Dubart's website has empty pages for "About Me" and "Resume," but provides all the information a voter would need by featuring a broad selection of signs from a "Freedom March 9/12" protest, including

• "If Al Qaeda Wants To Demolish The America We Know And Love, They Better Hurry Because Obama's Beating Them To It"

• "Obamageddon"

• Side-by-side drawings of Pres. Obama and Hitler

• "Pres. Obama This Is Not Moscow"

In other words, the parties have presented to voters a choice between two candidates who could share a round logo: Ravenstahl for zero accomplishments, zero credentials, and zero reasons for his candidacy, and Dubart for a Froot Loop.

After consideration of the choice between the Kid Brother Candidate and every flavor in a bowl of Froot Loops, the Infindorsement goes to a write-in vote: "Abolish This District."


Anonymous said...

What is it with you and Adam Ravenstahl -- do you think anybody cares about what you think. The committee voted for Adam 2-1. Are you better than all those people???

Adam will win and go to Harrisburg and represent his district. Deal with it.

By the way your whole blog sucks

Anonymous said...

I love the tab on her site that says "Flash Intro."

And Infinonymous, Anonymous is right, no one in the Ravenstahl camp cares what you think when You=citizen/voter. Only committee people are allowed to have an opinion and vote for who should represent the District. Isn't that what Democracy is about? So THEY have chosen. Deal with it... nanny nanny poo poo.

Laura said...

I have a vision of some random progressives outside on a cold and dreary day chanting, "Hey, ho! This district has got to go!".

Maria said...


You took screen shots/snaps, right?

Infinonymous said...

Of the candidate's site? Nope. Not sure I know how.

But the photographs are still there as of five minutes ago.

Maria said...

Sometimes things disappear when held up to the light. Like this on a web site from a group which tried to call itself nonpartisan.

For future reference: If you have a PC, hit the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard (which will takes a picture of whatever images are on your monitor at that moment and saves it into your clipboard) and then paste that into a program like Paint/Photoshop.

I forget how to do it on a Mac.

Infinonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. I believe I have saved the images, although more as a training exercise than anything else.

Nonbeliever said...

What's with the endorsement of Alex Dubart. This woman who thinks she is a teacher cannot spell, "candidate." Check it out on her site. It is spelled, "canidate." Also, why is she using a picture of herself that has been retouched from ten years ago? Think the Republicans need to vette their own candidate. The Dems have a great candidate in Adam. He can spell candidate.

Nonbeliever said...

Who is Alex Dubart? Does anyone know? Maybe, someone should check out her credentials. Seems she lies a lot in addition to being a real "froot loop."
If she teaches school, let's find out just how many years this "froot loop" has been teaching her students to spell incorrectly. What school district will claim her?

Infinonymous said...


If you insist, the Propositions Board may post a line on whether "great candidate" Adam Ravenstahl can spell "candidate." I don't think you would like it, however.

And any Adam Ravenstahl supporter who invites a discussion of "credentials" in this campaign is a masochist and a sadist.

Anonymous said...

Well Infinonymous, I would bet that Ravenstahl has a better background than your "froot loop," Alex Dubart. Check out her teaching certificate. She has never held a position other than a sparse few days of substitute teaching. Seems like a lot of lying going on with the "froot loop." Seems to me we know what her quantity is, zero, zero.

Anonymous said...

In fact, is Alex Dubart even her real name?

Infinonymous said...

If Alex Dubart is not her real name, the race sets up a stark contrast for voters:

One candidate is a problem because the name on the ballot is not real.

The other candidate is a problem because the name on the ballot is real.

The special election Infindorsement -- a write-in for "Abolish This District" -- looking better every day. Neither candidate is suitable for the vote of a competent adult.

(The primary and general election Infindorsements have not been announced.)

Anonymous said...

At least we can depend on Ravenstahl to have a level head and be a "quick study." He knows what has to be done.
With the GOP candidate, Alex Dubart, you have what you have, a "total froot loop." Just look at her web page. Nothing of importance except some misspelled dribble and disgusting photos that prove her inability to understand issues.

Infinonymous said...

What supports an assertion that Adam Ravenstahl would be "quick study" with a "level head?"

Nothing on the public record of which I am aware.

Oreopithecus bambolii said...

As a resident of the district in question.... I'm hoping to move before one of these morons has a chance to take office. Maybe we can convince Dan Jiminez to run for state legislature instead of committee...

Anonymous said...

At least Ravenstahl is a bona fida college graduate. He also has a job which is something some of the other candidates think is superflous. If the Republican wins, it will probably be her first job at an age over 50. Why is she running? To get some money to buy more retouched pictures?

Infinonymous said...

More information about Adam Ravenstahl's job -- mayor's inexperienced brother gets hired by UPMC at a time when the mayor and UPMC are trading favors like Jesse James and the closest tattooed skank swap spit -- would be welcome.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, at least we know Adam's name. Dubart has admitted that she changed her name. Now when people change their name, they usually do it to cover or hide something. In this case, the "Froot Loop" might be hiding anything from criminal mischief to narcotics, etc. Who knows? In this case, right now, only Dubart knows and she is not telling.

Infinonymous said...

The reason we know Ravenstahl's name is the same reason UPMC appears to have hired him -- he's the inexperienced kid brother of the Luke Ravenstahl, whose performance suggests that the current generation of Ravenstahls is not ready for prime time.

If that's the best argument for Adam Ravenstahl, that is a compelling arguument for the Infindorsement -- which is a write-in for "Abolish This District" in the special election, because no sensible voter could tolerate either of the endorsed candidates.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip Infinonymous,
Since only two candidates are endorsed, we can pretty well be guaranteed to have one of them as the next State Representative.
Pragmatically speaking, we know all there is to know about Ravenstahl.
About Dubart, we know she changed her name. People in areas where she lived previously did not recognize the name, "Alex Dubart" (Even sounds phony.) Didn't even recognize the picture in the paper. Obviously a much earlier retouched favorite momento. They did however recognize her from her videos. Once they found out it was aka Sandra Ebeck, they started to talk about her favorite questionable penchants. This loop has interesting pastimes. Hope residents of the 20th are not letting her into their homes.