Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Council To Mayor (And Parasites): We Will Do Our Own Research On Parking Deal, Thank You

Pittsburgh city council members (with one exception, apparently) set aside intramural frictions and did the right thing today concerning the threatened long-term parking concession debacle.

When two guys from Morgan Stanley travel by air to warn against snooping around their deal, you know you're on the right track.

Unless the lone "no" vote was cast by someone favoring even more skeptical treatment of the mayor's proposal, that vote will decide the "Motznik's Successor As Mayor's BFF On Council" winner (Propositions Board, far right column).

UPDATE: That was quick. A council member reports that the nay was Rev. Ricky Burgess, and that his motivation was far from skepticism concerning the proposed sell-off. The Propositions Board will be updated to reflect that the favorite has coasted home, making Rev. Burgess, officially, Luke Ravenstahl's new BFF on council and the rightful occupant of the Motznik Advanced Chair In Mayoral Fealty; all relevant lines are CLOSED.


Anonymous said...

Why would Scott Kunka's office tip off Morgan Stanley of the legislation to consider other financing solutions?

Does Mr. Kunka or the mayor have a personal interest Morgan Stanley's $3 million+ fee?

Infinonymous said...

That's an interesting point, but it doesn't affect my impression of Mr. Kunka. He lost the benefit of doubt a while ago, not long after he was revealed as one of the stars in the three-clown circus.

Prediction: If the mayor and his string-pullers are able to saddle the city with this deal, several people ostensibly working for taxpayers on the arrangements will promptly accept inexplicably well-paid positions with the concessionaire. You can book it, Dan O -- I mean, Dave O -- I mean, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Nice link Infin.

Keep an eye on fast eddie when he leaves the governor's mansion. Same deal.

If you haven't seen it, take a minute and pull up today's council meeting online. They made me proud. Matt H included.

Anonymous said...

what did Matt H do?