Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chongs, Bongs and Doobie-ous Propositions

Astute followers of the Propositions Board (far right column) noticed a "Chong fundraiser" line (3-1) posted a couple of months ago with respect to the Altmire district race, then observed that the line narrowed (1-1) a few weeks ago. A couple of e-mail correspondents considered that line a joke, claiming no candidate or political party would willingingly associate with a convicted felon (other than by vote of the people, of course), even if the underlying conviction illustrates an opponent's lack of fitness for office. The "Chong fundraiser" line has CLOSED, however, because the county Democratic Committee is selling tickets for a May 5th event at the IBEW hall on the South Side. Congratulations to those already holding winning tickets.

A reader asked about the lack of a "conviction" line in the "Big Ben's Boner" section of the Propositions Board. An oversight. Corrected.

Some Dan Onorato fans have scoffed at the lines related to the Democratic primary campaign for governor. The topic deserves, and will receive, detailed treatment; until circumstances change, the three-peas-for-the-nod lines stand.

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