Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Reading: XY Edition

If any person could make pro 'rasslin respectable, it is former world chamption Bruno Sammartino.

Well, maybe not with respect to the modern farce into which Studio Wrestling has devolved. At a gathering with today's pro 'rasslers, even spotting most of them 40 to 50 years, Bruno (and Jumpin' Johnny) would be men among girls.

Bruno Sammartino is part of a generation of Pittsburgh characters -- such as Porky "Daddio of the Radio" Chedwick,
Angelo "World's Longest-Serving Bartender" Cammarata, Bill "The Human Pivot" Mazeroski, Wendy "Party Line" King, Cyril "Celebrity Pathologist" Wecht and Arnold "Arnie's Army" Palmer -- everyone should try to meet at least once.

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