Monday, March 8, 2010

InsolvenCity In Decline: Kid Brother Candidate ACDC-Endorsed Kid Brother Candidate Edition

For the members of the City of Pittsburgh subset of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, being handed a bottle of water by Yarone Zober outside Heinz Field apparently creates enough political indebtedness to cause them to endorse a box of rocks credential-free, functionally mute 25-year-old for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Check that: A bottle of water plus a specially assessed $3,000 check to the committee.

In fairness, not all of the Democratic Committee members from InsolvenCity are half-wits. Most are quarter-wits, or eighth-wits. Those from the North Side -- known as the region's leading source of low-quality politicans and high-quality crystal meth -- are too-small-to-quantify-wits.

Among the endearing attributes of people who lack self-awareness is a propensity to say things such as this:

Mr. Ravenstahl kept an unusually low profile for a political candidate in the weeks before Sunday's vote. Though he appeared at a variety of Democratic Party events, he failed to respond to calls from reporters. Mr. Ravenstahl, 25, said Sunday that he had been reticent because he did not regard himself as a full-fledged candidate until he received the backing of the Democratic committee members.

In other words, he didn't want city committee members' minds to be cluttered by issues and positions and qualifications as they were voting.

Credit the Kid Brother Candidate for this: He knows his peeps.


Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Ravenstahl start his position with UPMC before or after September 1, 2006?

Infinonymous said...

After, according to one newspaper report. Maybe the job was one of the door prizes at a UPMC golf outing, and Luke left it on the hall table or something?