Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Profiles In Pittsburgh Politics And Public Affairs (Zappalas, Ravenstahls, FOP Blowhards Edition)

We learned a few things about local politics and public affairs recently:

• What is the last remaining shred of dignity of a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania worth? Between $215,000 and $340,000 annually, depending on market conditions, according to recently disclosed transactions.

• Is there no end in sight to the generosity of the Ravenstahls in devoting their talents and estimable experience to public service? Apparently not -- Adam Ravenstahl, 25, has reportedly decided to decline an offer from the Harvard physics faculty and seek election to the Pennsylvania legislature from the region's leading source of low-quality politicians and high-quality crystal meth, Pittsburgh's North Side.

• Could anyone top Joe King's lack of self-awareness in shameful defense of the indefensible in public employee conduct? Yep.

One assumes Pittsburgh police union president Dan O'Hara was unable to add an offensive comment because was busy preparing FOP paperwork charging Jordan Miles with brutally assaulting the police officers' tree branch with his cheek and gum.


Anonymous said...

If Bram is really done you need to step it up

Anonymous said...

I don't think AJ is registered in the district--probably just a pawn of Luke.