Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grad School Admission Test (Yinzer Edition)

1. If the mayor of a city responds to forecasts of a paralyzing snowstorm by booking a developer's chalet in the Laurel Highlands so he can ski and chase snow bunnies while the city struggles to (mostly) survive the snowfall, that mayor would respond to an Army Corps of Engineers prediction of a "flood of record" by:

(a) arranging a surfing trip;

(b) with the city's public safety director;

(c) at a developer's beach house; or

(d) all of the above.

UPDATE: Agent Ska points to a bizarre test-taking strategy from a man who would be governor.


Infinonymous said...

The correct response is (d) ("all of the above").

(a) ("arranging a surfing trip") is correct and an example of analogy -- because skiing is to snow as surfing is to water -- but is not the best response

(b) ("with the city's public safety director") is correct and an example of general knowledge -- because history indicates that the public safety director accompanies the mayor on out-of-town pleasure trips when the city faces natural disasters -- but, again, is not the best response

(c) ("at a developer's beach house") is correct and an example of general knowledge, because history indicates that the mayor relies on favor-seekers for air travel, accommodations, greens fees and other amenities -- but, similarly, is not the best response

(d) ("all of the above") is correct and, for the reasons provided, also is the best response

Anonymous said...

I think you should do more of these

Luke'sMom said...

I don't.

Luke's Dad said...

What she said

Luke's Wife said...

I really don't care anymore

Anonymous said...

please tell me that's a photoshop


Infinonymous said...

The photograph comes from That's Church, with no indication of pixel magic.