Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An Idea Announcement Whose Time Has Come (Again)

A campaign consultant Gubernatorial candidate Dan Onorato has announced a plan vague request for proposals concerning a transportation line linking Oakland with downtown Pittsburgh.

On the plus side: This makes so much sense, in so many ways, that it is obvious.

On the other hand: The money has already been poured into a worthless hole of favored-union paychecks under the Allegheny River. This isn't the first time Mr. Onorato has checked in with this campaign window-dressing public policy "action" announcement. The blue-ribbon panel features the same old same old from the ossified and obsolete local power structure, labor hackdom, political favor-seekers and public contract greasers.

Also on the other hand: This time, Zober is involved.

The Propositions Board line (far right column, near end) remains unchanged: An Oakland-downtown transportation link is a 10-1 shot.


BringBackTheDarkness said...

What's with the bright sunny new look? I kinda liked it when this site actually looked like the voice of hellfire and damnation.

S Sider said...

First timer from Pittsburgh Comet. Awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

This John Verbanac? Really?

Anonymous said...

If you take a look at the John Verbanac link you will see that he invites Luke Ravenstahl and his staff down to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Mr. Verbanic is a business partner of Charles Zappala, a man who does business with the city.

Just like the trip to Seven Springs on James Scalo's dime, the Mario Lemeuix golf outing, the Lamar dinner on Mt. Washington, etc. This is a clear example of Ravenstahl "accepting something of value from an interested party."

How does he contine to get away with his unethical behavior?

Infinonymous said...

The Inficriticism of the big press announcement and of the "transportation action team" did not mention Mr. Verbanac.

Verbanac was part of Onorato's old "transportation action team" (appointed by the city). There is no indication -- other than the same old same old angle, in which the same old guys like Verbanac are always hanging around the same old likes of Onorato and Ravenstahl -- that he is part of the new "transportation action team." Has the membership (beyond the chairs, who epitomize same old same old) been disclosed?

So why bring up Verbanac? Is he part of the "new" ("and this time we really mean it") Onorato transportation action squad? Is something else going on?