Monday, February 22, 2010

Profiles In Determination, Local Edition

● A nation overflowing with obese fifth-graders and diabetic adolescents should try to send Mt. Pleasant teacher Fran DiVecchio to every school in the country for an inspirational and educational assembly. Ms. DiVecchio dropped 100 pounds from a small frame and is trying to help others find the path, with practical advice and a mantra: You can have excuses, or you can have results; your choice.

● In the final nationally televised minute of Pitt's 70-65 victory against Villanova on Sunday, a Panther illustrated the determined, team-oriented play that has enabled Pitt to defeat more talented teams several times this season. When a teammate's ill-conceived inbounding pass traveled the length of the court and was headed out of bounds, Gilbert Brown (left) (or was it Jermaine Dixon -- the point is that it was selfless) ran the ball down, got one hand on it as he leapt into the seats, and sent the ball back to the court, where it apparently grazed a Villanova player before rolling out of bounds. Results: The Pitt player landed a few rows into the seats under the basket; Pitt retained possession with a small lead; the Panthers outlasted the third-ranked Wildcats; and the Associated Press lifted Pitt from 19th to 12th in the rankings. This still appears to be a rebuilding year for Pitt, but a program that can start 10-4 in the Big East (which has five schools in the current top 12) after losing Sam Young and DeJuan Blair to the professional draft qualifies as established.

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