Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can Reed Succeed From The 40-Hour Line?

Magisterial District Judge Richard King appears to have effected thoughtful justice with respect to the latest criminal court proceeding involving Steelers placekicker Jeff Reed, but it is noteworthy that the 40 hours of community service to be performed by the 30-year-old Reed after a skirmish with police outside a bar is a stiffer penalty than that imposed on most of the college kids rounded up by the rampaging Ravenstahl forces after the G20ers left Oakland.

Reed's eye-rolling and gum-chewing exhibition (small sample here) --conducted in the courthouse while his mouthpiece attempted to depict Reed as an adult in an exchange with reporters -- generates minor doubt that Reed will fit the judicially suggested community service into his schedule before his next court date arrives.

Regardless of the disposition of current charges, Reed retains the favored line in the "next Steelers arrest" section of the Propositions Board (far right column).

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