Thursday, March 10, 2011

FOP's Dan O'Hara Is Right (Believe It Or Not): He Is A Victim (But Not In Way He Perceives)

Perhaps for the first time, InsolvenCity police union president Dan O'Hara has said something about the Jordan Miles/FOP hoax situation that makes sense:

"I am a victim in this investigation," he told the City Paper.

True, that -- but not in the manner O'Hara likely intends. He is a victim . . . of his own poor judgment, and that of his union.

And, if the district attorney's office unexpectedly does a comprehensive and honest job of determining whether wrongdoing has occurred with respect to the self-interested abuse of police powers by rampaging FOP members, he might discover that he is more a victim than he currently recognizes.

Infinonytune: Is It In My Head?, The Who

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Infinonytune: Is It In My Head?, The Who

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