Sunday, March 6, 2011

Infindorsement: Court Of Common Pleas

Jim Burn is a busy man -- state Democratic Committee chair, county Democratic Committee chair, member new President of Allegheny County council, practicing attorney with a family (and no apparent trust fund or political sugar daddy, which means he must work to support that family).

It therefore is understandable that he cannot attend immediately to every worthwhile cause on his plate, despite his dedication -- forged in Millvale -- to his community.

The weak lineup presented today to county Democratic Committee members asked to endorse candidates for Common Pleas judge -- merely the acute symptom of a chronic condition that has inflicted unqualified and embarrassing judges on Allegheny County -- indicates, however, that reformation of his party's method of recruiting judicial candidates is essential and overdue.

The Democratic Party could -- and should -- improve Allegheny County by providing good judicial candidates. Jim Burn could -- and should -- make it happen.

Infindorsement: Push Jim Burn to improve judicial recruitment
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Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Jim look like a penis with a bad haircut?

Infinonymous said...

In a country of 300 million inhabitants, it is never safe to limit any class to "just one." So perhaps there are a couple of other goobers whose misfiring synapses generate that perception.