Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Drive To Dismantle America, Pillar By Pillar

Republicans continue to demonstrate that they hate America:
• Tom Corbett proposes to dismantle public education (so religious and conservative schools can indoctrinate eight-year-old minds with whatever corrosive agent induces a desire to watch Fox News?), first by cutting nearly $1 billion from state education funding, next by redirecting more of the remaining public funds to nonpublic schools.

• Pat Toomey, still mad that he missed the chance to cheer on Frick when the river ran red (and apparently forgetting his let-the-states-decide stance on abortion), has co-sponsored legislation designed to defund America's unions by permitting workers to benefit without paying dues.

• Right-wingers (although not all of them) continue to attempt to fashion a bill of attainder with respect to Planned Parenthood.

• Mike Huckabee scorns a 29-year-old, intellectually accomplished, Harvard-educated, polished professional for becoming pregnant outside the realm of Covenant Marriage (but within sight of marriage), yet defends and excuses a 17-year-old no-count dropout who got knocked up by a loser because she was too dumb to operate a condom (the difference, of course, is that the teen tart was part of a good "family values" household of religious-right Republicans).

• Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who supported terrorists when it suited his electoral ambitions (and the terrorists were white), is preparing to conduct this week a long-planned legislative hearing villification of Islam and Muslims in America.
In other words -- say, the words of House Speaker John Boehner (describing his party's promised agenda as it wrested control of the House from Democrats) -- jobs, jobs, jobs.

Are there really enough white, male, old, rich (and/or dumb), selfish, superstitious, prudish, bigoted xenophobes in America to maintain the current version of Republican Party?

Infinonytune: Deja Vu (All Over Again), John Fogerty

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James said...

They have been out of power the past too years, and they do not like that one bit. It's payback time. This is a hit list, and every group that supports Democrats is on it, systematically taken down one at a time.

This is what we get for not showing up on election day. I doubt people will remember the lesson a year and a half from now.