Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did The Burgh Lose A Contest Whose Winner Got A Ravenstahl While The Loser Got Two Of Them?

Some people apparently look at Bristol Palin (right, with vodka bottle) -- who became pregnant and a high school dropout at 17 (and a broken-engagement single mother at 18) despite the advantages associated with being the child of a governor (left, with wink) -- and think, "if that unqualified but politically connected bimbo can be a (part-time) ambassador for abstinence and start a lobbying and consulting firm, my equally unaccomplished life has 'state representative' written all over it."

Pittsburgh's North Side is beginning to resemble a Married With Children episode, except in the yinzer script the guy whose resume leads with "high school football" doesn't sell women's footwear at Gary's Shoes at the mall -- instead, he follows a freakish path to become a small-town mayor, or uses his second-team all-conference place-kicker trophy as a springboard to the state capitol.

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