Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dowd Is Mumbling Incoherently . . . And Promising To Vote The Same Way Tomorrow

The public Patrick Dowd has always danced to a different drummer. Sometimes, different drumming produces an ingenious Hey Ya (emulated 11/4 time signature), a sublime Money (mostly 7/4 time signature), or the remarkable work of Keith Moon. More often, however, it produces gibberish . . . such as Dr. Dowd's tweet this afternoon:

In January 2010 I hear "seasoning" "experience" "proven ability" but this time last year I heard "hope" "change" "new directions".

This comment, part of a series setting up Dr. Dowd's vote for Theresa Kail-Smith for Pittsburgh council president, evokes the campaign themes of Barack Obama.

Obama? The Columbia grad. Harvard lawyer, magna cum laude. Editor of the Harvard Law Review. Summer associate at Sidley and Austin. Constitutional law professor at a top-ten school. Author. United States Senator.

Only a sadist (or, in this case, a masochist) would invite a comparison of Obama's record to that of Kail-Smith, whose resume aims squarely at soccer-league treasurer, local Democratic Committee secretary or PTA president.

Just as only a fool or a fraud would endorse entrusting an insolvent, dysfunctional city -- already burdened by a hopelessly inadequate mayor -- to an unqualified council president and an even less qualified finance chair.

UPDATE: The Tribune-Review has an election eve dispatch; the Post-Gazette, apparently, does not.

UPPERDATE: Welcome, first-timers. For needed context, please see this, this, and this.

(Speaking of prescient Infindorsements . . .)

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